Get started with Meticulous Recorder

Meticulous recorder is a tool for recording real user sessions. The recorder captures your users' actions and any network requests (and responses) during their session. Please note that although plaintext passwords are redacted, the recorded network requests can include authorization tokens and other headers -- you should therefore only add trusted users to your Meticulous organization. You can either add the recorder to all environments or just internal non-production environments.

1. Sign up

2. Install the Meticulous recorder

Please select your framework (or, if none of the below instructions work, install the Meticulous recorder using a script tag):

3. Validating installation

Once you add the Meticulous snippet open your webapp (either locally or on the environment that you injected the snippet into) and record a session by clicking around on your web app.

If the snippet was installed successfully you should be able to view the recorded session in your Meticulous dashboard in the Sessions section.

Issues / questions?

We're always happy to help you with any issues you encounter while setting up or anything you might be unsure about.

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